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The Daily Business Review has published a Board of Contributors article written by our Herman Russomanno discussing the balance between patient privacy and the public’s right to know about medical incidents involving health care professionals and facilities. This is a core issue in any discussion about medical malpractice litigation.

The article, The Constitutional Right to Adverse Medical Incident Records—Striking the Right Balance, reads in part:

In 2004, Florida citizens voted overwhelmingly in favor of a state constitutional amendment, known as “Amendment 7,” giving them the right to know about adverse medical incidents involving health care facilities and providers. This reflected the desire of the citizenry to cut through the red tape of the hospital’s usual claims that such information was shrouded by “peer review” or “risk management” privileges recognized by Florida law.

Despite the clear policy choice evidenced by this vote, Florida hospitals have made concerted, intensive and unrelenting efforts to thwart the will of the voters.


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